Storage Platform - 8/8/02

photo #1
After purchasing a 48" Hi-lift jack, I've decided to build a storage platform in the back of the jeep. Not just for the Hi-lift jack, but for all the other tools and recovery equipment and "stuff" that I currently have stored under each seat and corner of the jeep available. Click on photo #1 to see what the interior looked like before. Actually the photo is from a while ago, before the lift when I still had the spare tire inside. The dog barrier has been quite handy and was one of the first things I bought for the jeep. Not only does it keep Spike in the back, but it is great for securing things to it with bungee cords or zip ties. You can see in the photo, that is where I store my 4-way lug wrench! For camping trips, you can fill the back up all the way to the roof without stuff falling over the back seat onto passengers. The only bad thing about the barrier, is it rattles every once in a while and is just a minor nuisance to remove if you need to haul something big. I bought the dog barrier out of the pet magazine "R.C. Steele" but I think its the same company as PetsMart.

photo #2

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So on to the platform... I got this idea from a few other jeepers on the internet. Some have built boxes that are fully enclosed and others have built a platform and that is the design I chose, but I also wanted it to open up like a box. I chose 1/2" plywood to try and keep it light weight but I doubled the plywood up for the legs and support peices for strength. I won't give you the exact dimensions of the platform, because the dimensions of your jeep might be different and you might want to build it differently to suit your needs. But I will tell you I made it 5" tall. See photo #2. The support legs line right in between the two tether hooks on both sides so after the basic platform was created, I carefully marked and drilled a hole in the wood where the tether hooks will be. The rear tether hooks are on the inside of the platform legs and the front tether hooks are on the outside of the platform legs. I bought 4 carriage bolts, wing nuts, and large washers to fit through the hole and tether hooks. See photos #3 and #4. This is a great safety feature because if I ever roll it, I won't have a big peice of wood and a Hi-lift jack etc flying around inside the jeep, possibly killing someone. The last thing I had to do is add the carpet which I bought at PepBoys. It is charcoal color and is as close of a match as I could get to my Agate interior. I attached the carpet with Liquid Nails and staple-gunned the edges to the underside of the platform. I also added a latch to the lid (again thinking safety).

photo #5

photo #6

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photo #8
Here is the finished product. See photo #5 (sorry about the glare!). And let me describe some of its features. See photos #6 and #7. I can access stored items from either the opening in the back, or by letting the back seat down and accessing it from inside the jeep. I can pull the Hi-lift jack out either end and don't need to open the lid to do it. But the lid is great for convenience. Now all I need to do is fill it with all my stuff. The entire platform and dog barrier can be removed from the back in 4 minutes. Re-installing it doesn't take much longer - you just need to put it in and insert the bolts. The best thing about it is when I'm carrying a lot of stuff (like camping gear), and need to access the jack or tools, I won't have to move a lot of stuff or unload anything - just reach in and grab it. And Spike (yes, that is his name!) can still have a nice carpet to sit and lay on without tools being in the way! See Spike photo #8.

And that's it!!!

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