High-Performance Jeep Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide

May 2007 - So the book has been out for one year now and has been a great success! Any publisher will continue to print more books if there is demand for it (profit for them), and the good news is that last month CarTech ran a 2nd printing of my book! As you may or may not know, the book is part of their "SA Design" series which are all 144 pages long - no more, and no less. What that means is that I can't continually add content to the book like I can this website. However, there were a few things that I talked to the editor about and they agreed to let me add them during the 2nd printing. This was also an opportunity to correct some of the minor typos and errors with the captions.

The reason I put this page together is so that everyone that bought the original book, can have all the same information as if they bought the revised version. Also you should be aware that there were more things I wanted to change, but the publisher only allowed me to make so many changes because of budget issues. But I fully expect there to be 3rd and 4th printings of the book so I will have the opportunity to make some more small changes along the way. Then again I could just write a sequel, and some of you have asked for that and its something I am considering doing...

So what's new?

First of all, they made some changes to the cover which is nice because anyone buying the book now can tell right off if they have the original or the revised version. Most visable is the red band across the top.

Page 4 - Acknowledgments Added Phil Weeks to those who helped me out. We eliminated the vacuum-disconnect system on his front axle and I used pictures from that install in a few places in the book. Better late than never, but Thank you Phil!

Page 27 - Lift Installation Tips I felt the two photos on the bottom of this page weren't as "descriptive" as they could be. At the time I didn't have any before and after pics, so I only had these two to work with. We added circles over the areas that need may need to be trimmed for clearance. Hopefully that makes this a little more clear as to what I was talking about.

Page 33 (top photo) - In the caption, I mistakenly called the joints on these TeraFlex control arms "heim" joints. Well they are not heims, but cartridge joints similar to RE's Superflex joints. I also made the same error when talking about them in Garrett Bird's feature since these are on his Jeep. Unfortunately, this was one of the corrections not made in the 2nd printing. We'll get this corrected in the next updated version.

Page 77 (top photo) - There was a typo in the caption that refered to the axle as a a "9.25". We corrected it to read "8.25". I'm sure most of you caught the typo but just in case, we wanted to be technically correct.

Page 81 - Choosing a Gear Ratio We added a short paragraph and chart about carrier breaks. Not "break" as in "will need fixing" but that is the term used for when you need a new carrier to accomodate your new gears. Here is the added content:

Depending on your stock gear ratio, you may also need to swap in a new differential carrier to accomodate your new gears. This is because a given carrier is meant for a certain range of gear ratios (higher or lower), and your desired ratio may fall outside that range. For example, when going from 3.55:1s to 4.10:1s, you'd need a new carrier for the Dana 30, but you could keep your existing carrier in a Dana 35 or Chrysler 8.25.

Page 84 - Lockers In this section I mentioned that electric lockers were uncommon for XJ axles. Well, just after we put the book out to print, Auburn Gear announced their new ECTED lockers for the Dana 30 and 35. We added this new information.

Important Upcoming Changes - Here's a very important bit of news that you should know. We all know that 4.56 is the lowest you can gear an 8.25 axle. That's just the way its been. Well that is about to change. Superior is working on a few prototype products for the 8.25 axle as I type this. One of the products that I can tell you about is 4.88 gears. How long it takes before they are available for purchase is not known but it shouldn't be too long from now. There will probably be a testing period to make sure they are built right before they sell them, but stay tuned - I plan on getting a set of these myself!

November 2006 - If you've read down this far, I figure you might enjoy this. Last November I attended the SEMA convention in Las Vegas. This was my first time there and I also got to meet some of the people from CarTech in person since they have a booth there every year. It was a great experience and I was excited to see some huge posters of my book, as it was one of their newly released books for that year. Here's a picture of me and my editor Travis Thompson "posing" in front of the CarTech booth. I tried to get them to hire a silicone-enhanced hot model to show my book but we settled for two nerdy guys instead... I'm the guy with the receeding hairline : )