Jeep Cherokee Performance Upgrades 1984-2001
by Eric Zappe (April 2015)

This is the revised edition of my first book originally published in 2006 under the title High-Performance Jeep Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide. Often refered to as the "XJ Bible", this is the book every XJ owner should own. Written with the beginner in mind, it will show you how to build it right, answering all your questions that everyone has: from tire fitment, to gear ratios, to axle swaps. Even if you already have a built XJ, you will want this book on your shelf to add to your cool XJ memorabilia and to serve as a helpful reference tool.

Out of print.

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001: Advanced Performance Modifications
by Eric Zappe (March 2014)

This book is for the advanced Jeep builder, or for the XJ enthusiast that wants to learn how to take his Cherokee beyond the bolt-on, cookie-cutter accessories and build it into an extreme Jeep. This book details what axles to swap for tires up to 42", how to design your own 3-link and 4-link suspensions, roll cage design and more. Also included is detailed information on how to build a stroker motor by Chris Margiotti. Several custom builds are featured to give you some ideas on how you might want to build your own ultimate Jeep Cherokee.

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High-Performance Jeep Cherokee Builder's Guide 1984-2001
by Eric Zappe (May 2006)

Out of print.

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